Rio 2016 Paralympics – Match Report – Day 3


Brazil vs Egypt (Men) – POOL A

Brazil and Egypt both hope to medal in this competition and Brazil needed a win in this match to help set them up or even qualify for the semi-finals.

Captain Hesham Elshwikh opened the scoring for EGY with a pounding cross-court spike. BRA felt the pressure as EGY broke away to lead 8-5 at the 1st technical timeout. Two successive monster blocks from Renato de Oliveira Leite and Cesar Levi Gomes kept BRA in the set at a critical time when EGY were pulling away. Good blocking from both sides prevented many major spikes until a couple of errors from BRA gave EGY the advantage and they ended the set strong 25-18.

Anderson Ribas da Silva nailed two spikes and momentum shifted to BRA. EGY struggled and the crowd erupted for every BRA point. An ace serve from Elshwikh (EGY) was little respite. Anderson monster blocked and Gilberto da Silva spiked to add further damage to EGY chances in this set. BRA closed the set out 25-13.

This is a momentum game and EGY wrestled it back into their favour. Block after block, point after point EGY dominated to lead 2nd timeout 16-8. Good block-outs, spikes and a brilliant save from Fabricio da Silva Pinto showed BRA were here to fight. They closed the gap to 24-23 to EGY, however couldn’t secure the last points and EGY won 25-23.

BRA continued the fight in the 4th set with 16-9 at the 2nd technical timeout. The capacity crowds were not to be let down. Caption Frederico Doria de Souza scored the last two points of the set in dramatic style to put Brazil back in contention for the game. Set score 25-10.

It was all to play for. BRA led 5-3 and then some errors from EGY let BRA run away with the set 9-3. The fans loved it. A true comeback from their home team for what must be a certain win. Then dramatic volleyball as EGY pulled level 11-11. Ashraf Abdalla won three blocks in a single point for EGY to take the lead. EGY win 15-13 in some of the most suspense filled sitting volleyball ever.

Frederico Doria de Souza (BRA) was top scorer for the match with 24 points, of which 22 were spikes. Cesar Levi Gomes and Jorge Daniel da Silva, both of BRA, got 7 and 6 kill blocks respectively. Total points to BRA 104 vs 88 EGY.

Final scores BRA – EGY 2-3 (18-25, 25-13, 23-25, 25-10, 13-15)

Canada vs Netherlands (Women) – POOL A

Paralympic veterans NED took on CAN in their second pool match of the tournament.

Four aces in a row from Felicia Voss-Shafiq put CAN in the lead 8-7 at the first technical timeout. Good blocking from CAN and a spike and ace from Heidi Peters (CAN) made this a very competitive set. CAN close it out 25-22.

NED took an early lead, 8-4, as CAN made a couple of handling errors. NED turned up the pressure with an ace from Karin van Der Haar and a clever tip from Elvira Johanna Stinissen. Further handling errors from CAN meant NED lengthened their lead and, despite good late hits and blocks from CAN, NED comfortably took the set 25-17.

CAN come back strong in 3rd set with solid defence and power to lead 8-6. NED caught up and both teams traded points. Jennifer Oakes (CAN) aced and Heidi Peters (CAN) won a great back court hit. NED countered with a spike from Karin van Der Haar and a quick 2nd touch from setter Hong Zhao for NED to take the lead 16-15. NED found their rhythm and won 25-17.

CAN had to take this crucial 4th set to remain in the game. Both teams fought hard. Heidi Peters spiked and CAN pulled ahead 16-12. NED came back with a 7 point winning streak. Quick reflexes from van Der Haar with a block and spike and then NED pushed on to win 25-22 in a closely contested set.

Karin van Der Haar was the top scorer for NED with 18 points. Heidi Peters scored 16 for CAN. Fantastic serving from Felicia Voss-Shafiq (CAN) resulted in 7 aces. Annelies van Der Bilt (NED) gained her team 6 points from blocks, the highest in the match.

Final Score CAN – NED 1-3 (25-22, 17-25, 17-25, 22-25)

USA vs GER (Men) – POOL A

An important match to win for both teams as they look to position themselves in the top half of pool A.

USA looked hungry and came out scoring with big hits, but also conceded points with unforced errors. They were pumped following a 8-6 lead and went on to score further : Captain Eric Duda nailed a spike, James Stuck aced and Roderick Green monster blocked all in quick succession. Score 16-10. GER were flat and a substitution didn’t prevent USA rocketing to a 25-20 win.

GER found their energy in the beginning of the 2nd set. A yellow card to USA and momentum swung firmly to GER, 16-7 at 2nd technical. Jurgen Schrapp scored through a rapid middle attack and Christoph Herzog added to the points with a powerful cross court spike. USA were left trailing 15-25 at the end of the 2nd set.

GER continued their fine form and made it tough for USA with a 16-5 lead. Now the USA looked flat as they struggled to contain their errors and find a solution to the GER defence. Torben Schiewe sealed the set 25-10 for GER with a middle spike.

USA competitive again as the teams fight point for point. It is level at 8 all. Neither can find a way past the other and they continue trading to USA 16-15 GER. GER made two substitutions in the hope it would break the deadlock, but USA take the lead with great blocking. Roderick Green (USA) thought he had scored the winning point 25-22, but the ref called a replay. Herzog (GER) aced and then Duda (USA) put ball away for a USA set win 25-23.

Wiesenthal (USA) swiped off a USA blocker. A hitting error from the USA and GER lead 8-3. USA climb back into the game to level it 8 all. It was a nail-baiting as this was any teams match. GER went on a winning streak and took the set 15-10.

The crowd was at full capacity of over 7000 and showed their appreciation for the competitive match by raising the roof.

Top scorer for GER was Alexander Schiffler with 19 points. Roderick Green secured 17 points for the USA which included the highest number of blocks for the match, a total of 6.

Final Score USA – GER 2-3 (25-20, 15-25, 10-25, 25-23, 10-15)

BRA vs UKR (Women) -POOL A

These two strong teams promised a competitive match. However, it was going to be tough for UKR with the home crowd support for BRA.

Both teams wanted to assert themselves and get an early lead. Margaryta Pryvalykhina landed a massive spike for UKR. Nathalie de Lima Silva immediately returned with a bigger one for BRA in a sign of how competitive this first set became. BRA outplayed with good double blocking and took the set 25-19.

Quick sets and clever distribution of the ball from Gizele da Costa Dias gave BRA hitters plenty of options. They spiked well to take the lead 8-6 in the 2nd set. Powerful serving from UKR helped give them the edge to take the lead 16-13. The crowd got behind BRA and lifted them with every point. Janaina Petit Cunha (BRA) nailed a headshot and BRA go on to win 25-20.

BRA were confident going into the 3rd set and took advantage of their momentum to gain the upper hand 16-10. Strong front court play from Adria Jesus da Silva and de Lima Silva helped BRA to the final set win 25-14.

Another sold out stadium! People can’t get enough of this game!

Janaina Petit Cunha high scored for BRA with 17 points. Oleksandra Podliesna (UKR) topped the blocking with 4 kill blocks. She was also top server with 3 aces for her team.

Final Score BRA – UKR 3-0 (25-19, 25-20, 25-14)

Day 4 matches – Monday, September 12th

10.00 RWA v IRI Women
14.00 CHN v UKR Men
18.30 CHN v USA Women
20.30 IRI v BIH Men

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Match highlights below!