World ParaVolley is recognised by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) as the sole International Federation responsible for the governance, planning and management of all forms of volleyball for persons with a physical impairment.World ParaVolley is a non-profit organization and works closely with National Paralympic Committees, National (Volleyball) Federations and private companies to promote ParaVolley competitions and development activities on a global level.

As declared in its Constitution, World ParaVolley is governed at the highest level by the General Assembly, which is convened every two years. The General Assembly consists of all World ParaVolley member nations who are in good standing with the Federation.

The Board of Directors is the body responsible for the overall management of World ParaVolley, overseeing the work of its Departments, Commissions, and the Zonal Committees.

The Federation is guided by the World ParaVolley Constitution – most recently amended at the 6 December 2020 virtual General Assembly – and by a set Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines as outlined below.

The World ParaVolley Board of Directors meets at least four times in a Calendar year.  Most meetings are held online, with one face-to-face meeting per year at the most.

World ParaVolley Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – Summaries