To promote diversity, inclusivity, and acceptance for all through the sport of ParaVolley.



To fund the development, growth, and sustainability of competitive ParaVolley for people with physical impairments while transforming lives, challenging stigmas attached to disability, and fostering a more inclusive society.


Core Values

The core values guiding our actions include:

Inclusivity: We act as change agents for a truly inclusive society by breaking down barriers of discrimination for persons with an impairment, advocating for accessible environments, promoting safe and fair participation, and inspiring physical activity for all.

Respect: We value and celebrate unique and diverse talents, experiences, and perspectives. We treat our participants, partners, donors, and each other with sensitivity and respect.

Collaboration: We work and win together individually and collectively as distinct and diverse individuals, organizations, and parts of a global team and broader movement.  

Integrity: We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships. We are competent, reliable, open, honest, transparent, accountable, and sincere in our actions.

Together, we can create positive opportunities that generate sustainable societal change by following these principles.


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