Canada secure first win with commanding performance against France

Canada dominated early in the opening set with Heidi Peters leading a strong performance from the service line, extending her run until a service error paused the onslaught at 7-2. They continued to build a commanding lead, rapidly reaching 23-7. Despite a spirited attempt by France to score more points, Canada needed only two more points to close out the set. A powerful attack from Peters ultimately sealed the set in favour of Canada at 25-9.

Maintaining their momentum into the second set, Canada established a swift 10-1 lead with impressive offensive plays led by Jennifer Oakes and Peters. Oakes went on an exceptional serving spree, pressuring the French defence and stretching the lead to 19-3 before her service run ended with an error. France struggled to find their rhythm and managed to add only a few more points. Another block from Peters concluded the set decisively at 25-8, giving Canada a two-set advantage.

France displayed improved resilience in the third set, keeping the scoreline close at 7-5. However, Sarah Melenka’s effective stint at the service line pushed Canada ahead to 14-5. France’s Jenna Eleonore Tele Agbodjan Prince briefly halted Canada’s advance with an off-the-block attack at 14-6. Anais Rigal won a joust against Melenka, adding another point for France at 15-8. Despite these efforts, Canada remained unyielding and powered through to finish the set and match at 25-11.

Canada’s well-organized offence and relentless pressure from the service line were key factors in their comprehensive victory over France. The hosts struggled to find consistency and were unable to match Canada’s intensity and precision.