Age not barrier for Korean women’s sitting volleyball team

Bangkok, Thailand, June 11, 2019 – With an average age of 53, the Korean women’s sitting volleyball team are the oldest competitors in the 2019 ParaVolley Asia Oceania Sitting Volleyball Championships, but these women provide the inspiration as they break down age barriers by playing the sport that they love and by competing against much younger rivals.

Former volleyball player Kim Bok Hyang suffered a cycling accident that caused long-term damage to her leg.

“In Korea, a lot of people love volleyball,” Kim said. “I played volleyball and I would like to say that it was my life. One winter morning, I was going to work and then I fell off my bike. I thought that was the end of it, but I felt the power of the sport and that encouraged me to continue playing.”

Now, the 57-year-old has found refuge in sitting volleyball and her passion for the sport thrives with the nine other women in the Korean team.

“Sitting volleyball is good for people of any age – old or young,” Kim said. “I feel home with my teammates and I like working with them. I find a lot of joy in sharing meals and laughter with them.”

She shares the same belief as her teammates that they are now just hitting their competitive prime and she aims to someday inspire the future generations to participate in the sport.

“We are a new team and we love to compete. However, we also look forward to the future and we hope to be role models by nurturing the young Korean ParaVolley athletes.”