General Assembly members commit cooperation for stronger PVAO

Astana, Kazakhstan, 6 July 2023 – The ParaVolley Asia Oceania Board convened with its members for the General Assembly on Thursday evening at Park Inn Radisson Business Center in the Kazakh capital city.

Representatives from Australia, China, India, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea. Mongolia and Thailand were in attendance, as welcomed by PVAO President Mr. Lu Cailiang.

“It is an honor and pleasure for everyone to gather in a beautiful country like Kazakhstan to participate in our PVAO General Assembly. My warm welcome and my sincere gratitude to all of you for your participation. \Thank you to all the national teams for bringing us such exciting level of competition. Thank you to all the Board members for your hard work and dedication for PVAO,” the president said as he addressed the Assembly and the Board.

Board member and Sport Director Glenn Stewart assisted in presiding the meeting, presenting the agenda to the members, as supported with prior communication of activity reports for each of PVAO’s commissions. Other members of the Board have likewise been confirmed by the Assembly, and shall continue to serve in respective capacities until 2025.

With the General Assembly coinciding with the 2022 WPV Sitting Volleyball Asian Zone Championships, the members agreed to cooperate more closely in strengthening the promotion of the sport and elevating the level of the members in such aspects as training and competition, coaching, media, and marketing initiatives.

“Our zone will mount more achievements in the future. More countries will participate in sitting volleyball as we hope to create a bigger and stronger PVAO family,” said Mr. Lu.