Bytchenko yearns to inspire next generation of Para athletes

The true measure of an athlete’s character often transcends the bounds of physical strength. It’s a narrative woven not just with victories, but with the determined spirit that propels one forward through adversity.

Ukraine men’s sitting volleyball stalwart Denys Bytchenko epitomizes this ethos of resilience and determination.

“I’ve been playing sitting volleyball for 23 years now,” Bytchenko shared with a blend of pride and humility.

For him, the court is not merely a battleground but a stage where camaraderie thrives and where friendships are forged amidst competition.

“We have this energy as a team,” Bytchenko remarked, underscoring the symbiotic relationship between victory and motivation. “A big part of this energy is also winning, for sure. If you have a winning attitude, then you will have much energy.”

But beyond that allure of triumph is a greater aspiration, which is to grace the Paralympic Games stage.

“We all have a dream to participate at the Paralympic Games,” he said.

The Ukrainian captain acknowledged the support they receive from the government and the infusion of fresh talent into the team.

“We continue to receive assistance from the government in support of our training programme. We also have new player to give new spirit to the team,” he explained.

The skipper yearns to inspire the next generation of Para athletes, urging them to embrace the boundless opportunities afforded by Para sports.

“I want to encourage the younger generation of Para athletes to just go out and play,” he asserted.

“You cannot win each time for sure, but you can learn as well from defeat. There are so many sports for people who want to get started in Para sports. If you go into one sport and try it. If you want to switch sports, it won’t be a problem at all. You have so many options in Para sports rather than stay home and do nothing.”

Bytchenko’s philosophy is grounded in holistic growth, where sport becomes a catalyst for personal development and empowerment.