Italy impress with impeccable 3-0 victory over hosts France

Italy triumphed over France with a 3-0 (25-4, 25-8, 25-11) tournament opening win in the 2024 WPV Women’s Super Six at Parc des Sports de Vandoeuvre in Nancy, France on Tuesday.

From the outset, Italy established a commanding lead, showcasing their dominance with a resounding 25-4 win in the first set. Their strong start left the French team scrambling to find their rhythm.

France displayed improvement in the second set, finding a rhythm through their serves that put some pressure on the Italian defence. Despite this, Italy maintained their superiority, doubling the lead to 12-6. With aggressive offense, Italy secured the set 25-8, further strengthening their grip on the match.

The third set began more evenly, with an exchange of points resulting in a 3-3 tie. Italian superstar Sara Cirelli entered the game, invigorating Italy’s offence and enhancing their net defence. Her presence sparked a quick lead of 6-3, followed by an 8-3 advantage. Italy continued their offensive onslaught with exceptional hitting from the flanks, while France struggled to break through the Italian defence.

As the set progressed, Italy’s lead ballooned to 10 points, and Giulia Bellandi, supported by Sara Desini, extended their dominance to a 20-10 advantage. Ultimately, Italy closed the set 25-11, sealing their decisive victory over France.