Argentina train with Brazilian club SESI Sao Paulo

South America’s biggest rivalry between Argentina and Brazil goes beyond the football pitch. In the past few years, Argentina have been better in sports such as basketball, while Brazil has dominated in volleyball. In sitting volleyball, there is more camaraderie than rivalry between these teams.

Despite Brazil having more experience than Argentina in sitting volleyball, the former is helping the latter by hosting them for a training camp and friendlies to develop the programme.

Argentina had their first international experience when they travelled to Sao Paulo for a week-long training and series of friendlies with SESI Sao Paulo women’s and men’s teams – composed mostly of Brazilian national team players.

The members of Team Argentina were grateful for the opportunity to train with the Brazilian club in their preparation for the Pan American Sitting Volleyball Championship, which will take place from May 9 to 13 in Edmonton, Canada.