Tokyo 2020 Day 8 preview: Canada and Rio 2016 winners compete in women’s final four

Day 8 highlights the return of Rio 2016 podium finishers United States, China and Brazil, and the entry of Paralympic Games sophomore squad Canada in the semifinals of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games women’s sitting volleyball tournament.

Brazil and United States are once again pitted against each other in the semifinals of the Paralympic Games. These two squads met at the Paralympic semifinal in Rio de Janeiro on September 17, 2016, when the hosts conceded the match in straight sets to eventual Olympic champions USA.

Their Tokyo 2020 matchup promises to bring a lot of nostalgia but also new energy, as USA intend to defend their title while Brazil hope to improve on their bronze finish and bring home their second medal. The first semifinal is scheduled at 18.30 local time.

With the tournament’s top scorers belonging to these two teams, the matchup between China and Canada at 20.30 features the consistency and experience of the Asian side against the determination and assertiveness of the North American squad.

China are seeking to go one place higher on the podium after losing the gold medal to USA in Rio, while Canada are hoping to establish their status as a strong international contender.

The classification matches are scheduled in the afternoon, with Japan and Rwanda facing each other at the 7th-8th place classification at 13.30, to record their very first win the Paralympic Games.

Then the all-European derby between Italy and RPC will take place at 15.30 for the 5th-6th place classification. This matchup is a repeat of the 2019 European Championship final.