European Para-Youth Games, Croatia (Sitting Volleyball)

Event details

  • Thursday | 16 July 2015 to Sunday | 19 July 2015
  • All Day

The European Para Youth Games 2015 will be organized by the Croatian Paralympic Committee from 16th to 19th July 2015 in Varazdin in Croatia. ParaVolley Europe is very glad and expresses its gratitude to the Chairman of the Youth Games 2015 Organizing Committee Mr. Ratko Kovacic for including Sitting Volleyball on short notice into the programme. The sitting volleyball competition will be organized if at least 4 teams/countries will send the entries. The tournament can also be played with mixed teams.

NOTE! Also the joint teams are possible! This gives countries with a little number of players a possibility to set up a joint team with the other e.g. the neighbor country. The same rules and regulations apply those teams too. Please read the detailed information in the general information package.

Young people with an impairment have very few possibilities to compete only among young athletes in Europe, especially in team sports. Therefore ParaVolley Europe together with the local organizer wants to offer its member countries the possibility to send their teams to the games. The European Para Youth Games gathers young athletes from five different paralympic sports together and offers them a great opportunity to play for the medals in the event which is made especially for the young athletes!

Take part in the Youth Games 2015 and send the entry of your country by March 20th!

Please read the information that has come (updated 13th March!):
Entry form EPYG 2015

Entries and questions concerning the Youth Games 2015 please contact the organizer:

Croatian Paralympic Committee, tel. +385 1 6044 333,

ParaVolley Europe contact person concerning the Youth Games 2015:

Suvi Blechschmidt, Development director,