KARREMAN Peter (NED) – PVE – International Coach for the Netherlands Men’s team, and for Rwanda Men and Women – and in the fields of team development, governance, administration and marketing in the ParaVolley Africa Zone, also WPV Coaching Course development.



Peter was introduced to sitting volleyball in 2004 by Jouke de Haan, after which he became more and more involved. In 2010 he was asked by the then WOVD President. Pierre van Meenen, to assist with a Women’s qualification event for the World Championships to be held in Oklahoma, USA later in the year. Together with Jose Banfi and Pierre van Meenen he helped sit up the event and a coaching course in Nairobi, Kenya.

He credits Jouke de Haan as having the greatest influence on his development by recruiting him to sitting volleyball but says during his career he was particularly influenced by all his African friends, the ParaVolley Family and individuals such as Pierre van Meenen and Denis Le Breuilly.

Peter’s involvement has included the following:

2007-2010 – Coach Dutch Men’s team (and Dutch Youth team)
2007 – Nyiregyhaza, Hungary – European Championships
2008 – Leverkussen, Germany – European Youth Championship & Coaching Clinic.
2009 – Elblag, Poland – European Championships 20/09/2009 – 27/09/2009
2009 – Roermond, Netherlands – International Youth Tournament, 11th -17th July
2008-2010 – Tutor and Examiner – Dutch Coaching Course ‘Sitting Volleyball’
2010-2022 – Coaching Instructor for World Para Volley
2010 – Nairobi, Kenya), – World Championship Qualifier (Women) – tutor, event organizer. 16th–20th February
2013 – Nairobi, Kenya – Level 1 Coaching course with Jouke de Haan
2015 – Kigali, Rwanda – Tutor Level 1 Coaching course, June 2015
2017 – Zimbabwe – Senior Tutor for Level 1 Tutor Candidates
2010-2012 – Coach Rwanda Men’s Team
2010 – Oklahoma (USA), World Championships
2011 – Kigali, Rwanda – Sub Sahara Qualifier (Men) for London 2012
2012 – London, Great Britain – Paralympics 29/08/2012 – 9/9/2012
2011- 2016 – Coach Rwanda Women’s team
2011-2015 – Training, coaching at local events, preparation for Rio 2016
2015 – Kigali, Rwanda – African Zonal Championships. 1st place, & qualification for RIO 2016, 23/07/2015 – 28/07/2015
2016 – Anji, China – WPV Intercontinental Cup
2015-2016 Practice camps in China, Slovenia, Netherlands, Kenya and Rwanda
2015 – Podcetrtek (Slovenia), European Championships (Women)
2016 -Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Paralympics 07/09/2016 – 18/09/2016
2017 Author of the book “Onbeperkt, de wereld aan mijn voeten”
2022 to 2023 the translation of above Dutch Book into English language

Award received:

2020 – World ParaVolley Recognition Award as an International Coach and Coach Educator

Post Held:

May 2021 until present: Project Manager for Level 2 E-Learning Development (Coaching)

In his nomination the President of the Paralympic Committee of Rwanda, Mr. Jean Baptiste Murema, stated:

Coach Peter Karreman has been involved in Rwandan sitting volleyball since June 2010. Since then, we have known him as an energetic, passionate and involved coach. Until 2010 sitting volleyball in Africa was mainly practiced in Arab countries. The Sub-Saharan and South African nations have undergone enormous development since that time.

In addition to coaching, Peter has supported NPC Rwanda in organisational and sports infrastructure matters. Setting up a systematic approach, writing long-term plans, developing coaches and trainers were part of this. He has contributed to the development of the various clubs in all Rwanda’s provinces. The transfer of his knowledge and experience through courses, clinics and training sessions has been invaluable to all involved.

Peter started with coaching the Men’s team. The first time Rwanda was able to show itself to the sitting volleyball world was with participation in the 2010 World Championships in Oklahoma, USA. It was closely followed by winning the Sub-Saharan Championships in 2011. This qualification for, and subsequent participation in, the 2012 London Paralympics meant the presence of an African team from the Sub-Sahara for the first time. Since the win over Morocco in London, the Men have remained second in Africa and the gap with the #1 Egypt is getting smaller.

Peter’s biggest achievement undoubtedly lies with women’s sitting volleyball. In 2011 sitting volleyball for women was set up from scratch. After a year the ambitious plan targeting qualification for the Paralympics was approved and implementation commenced in 2013. Despite some setbacks, the tenacity and ambition remained undiminished.

The African Zonal Championships in 2015 was the turning point in the history of women’s sitting volleyball in Africa. The training programme set up by Peter resulted in victory over Egypt and qualification for the Rio2016 Paralympics. Rwanda became the first African Women’s team, in any sport, to qualify for the Paralympics. Rwanda remains the leading African Women’s team. They continue to improve, and extend their lead, as a result of training camps held outside Africa, e.g., Slovenia and The Netherlands, and many exhibition matches. These have been made possible by coach Peter Karreman arranging sponsorship and limiting his expenses to flights and accommodation.

The presence of the Rwanda’s Women’s team at major tournaments has been inspirational. The work of Peter Karreman in developing sitting volleyball in Rwanda has had a positive effect on other countries in Africa. The ambition and successes have shown that a lot is possible, and many other countries are now trying to follow in Rwanda’s footsteps.