WPV applies for inclusion of sitting volleyball and beach paravolley in LA28 sports programme

World ParaVolley presented an application for sitting volleyball and beach paravolley to be included in the LA28 Paralympic Games sports programme.

World ParaVolley hopes beach paravolley, the second discipline for the International Federation, to make its debut in LA28.

Men’s sitting volleyball was first included in the 1980 Paralympic Games in Arnhem, Netherlands, with women’s sitting volleyball following in 2004 in Athens, Greece.

World ParaVolley President Barry Couzner OAM said “We have done our very best with the two applications and hope that both opportunities will be available to our athletes in LA28. We are realistic enough to understand that there is considerable competition for the limited athlete spots in the Paralypic Games. Now we wait and see.

A record 33 Para sports have submitted applications to the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to be considered for inclusion in LA28.

Over the summer the IPC will review the applications in accordance with the IPC Handbook and identify areas for further clarification from applicants. The IPC will also work with the LA28 to analyse the potential impact of sports on the programme. A final decision on which sports make up the LA28 Paralymnpic Games programme will be taken by the IPC Governing Body by the end of January 2023.

“To receive a record 33 submissions to be part of the LA28 Paralympic Games sport  programme underlines the growing strength of sports within the Paralympic Movement.


“Our goal for the LA28 Paralympic Games is to shape a competitive and attractive sport programme that showcases the diversity of the Paralympic Movement.


“The Paralympic Games is the world’s most transformational event, and we firmly believe that LA28 Paralympics will be a real game-changer for the Paralympic Movement in terms of awareness, profile and impact. It’s vital therefore that the Paralympic sport programme showcases the best of what our Movement has to offer.”

The LA28 Paralympic Games will take place between 15-27 August 2028.