World ParaVolley confirmed as WADA Anti-Doping Code compliant

World ParaVolley is pleased to announce that it is compliant with the WADA anti-doping code after a rigorous and dedicated corrective programme addressed the required critical / high priority / important corrective actions outlined by WADA.

The main key action areas included the development of Policies and Procedures for the following:

a) Sample Collection Authority Responsibilities and Communication
-Procedure for shipping blood to WADA accredited Lab
-Standards on Sample Collection Equipment used and manufacturers
-Procedures for Sample Collection Authority – provision of official documentation and appropriate ID for testing
-Instructions for DCO’s on locating and testing athletes and what constitutes reasonable attempt for Out-of-Competition testing of an athlete during the one-hour period and reporting to WPV any unsuccessful attempts to test an athlete
-Policy on what constitutes an appropriate Doping Control Station

b) Registered Testing Pool
-Updating of Whereabouts Policy and Procedures
-Procedures for notifying athletes of their inclusion/removal from a RTP, their responsibilities, and the consequences of missed filing failures or missed tests
-Whereabouts Failures procedures
-Establishing a lower tiered testing pool for Athlete testing

c) Results Monitoring and Reporting Procedures
-Procedure for monitoring tests in ADAMS and ensuring minimum levels of Analysis are completed
-Contract with Athlete Passport Management Unit for review of Athlete Biological Passports
-Procedures for implementing Athlete Biological Profile modules

d) Results Management of Adverse Analytical Findings (AAFs) and Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs)
-procedures to investigate a possible Failure to Comply
-Policy for National Member Organizations Compliance to Anti-Doping Code and Rules – to ensure all WPV National member organizations have adopted Anti-doping Rules that are compliant with the WADC.
-Procedures for initial review of AAF
-Procedures for review of Atypical Findings reported in ADAMS

e) Intelligence Collection
-Procedures for Intelligence Collection and processing of Information for Anti-Doping Purposes

f) Anti-Doping Education
-updated World ParaVolley education plan for 2018-2019
-mandatory requirement for support personnel attending international competitions to receive online Antidoping Education (announcement and policy will be put on the website in 2018).
-mandatory requirement for all national member organizations to provide Antidoping Education to its international Athletes

WADA thanked World ParaVolley and particularly World ParaVolley Anti-Doping Commission Chairman Dr Jun Ming Zhang once again for the constructive and smooth collaboration throughout the process. “We are very pleased to see how WADA’s Compliance Monitoring Program helped you to boost the World Paravolley’s Anti-Doping program,” WADA said.

World ParaVolley Medical Director Louise Ashcroft said: “It has taken a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment from many members to make World ParaVolley WADA Anti-Doping Code compliant. We are grateful for WADA’s close collaboration to help us achieve these critical items and look forward to maintaining this going forward. World ParaVolley believes it is fundamental to protect the right of its athletes to participate in a healthy doping-free sport, thus ensuring fairness and equality. It thus fully endorses the principles and purposes of the WADC and is committed, through its members and athletes, to achieving a doping-free sporting environment at all levels.”

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