The VolleySLIDE e-learning course combines all of the most relevant materials for those working at an introductory level.  Whether you are a sport or disability teacher, a community sports coach, a physiotherapist/rehabilitation worker, or just an interested party, this course is for you.

Objectives covered by the course are:

• Know what is required to get active with Sitting Volleyball
• Be able to coach Sitting Volleyball at a beginner level
• Understand the basics of the different playing techniques
• Be aware of various adaptations possible
• Learn talent indicators and eligibility requirements for international competition
• Recognise the potential next steps on the coaching, refereeing, classifying and technical official pathways
The course takes approximately 3 hours from start to finish and there are short knowledge checks after each of the 8 units.  The course ends with two video based knowledge checks asking questions about the Gold Medal matches from the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.
Absolutely anyone can access the course, completely free of any charge.  All that is asked is that you share your certificate far and wide once you complete it.

How to access the course:

  1. Create an account (if not already got one)
  2. Click on the course titled VolleySLIDE on the course list
  3. Enrol yourself onto the course and work through at your convenience

The VolleySLIDE e-learning course really is everything that you would need to know to get started with coaching Sitting Volleyball, all packaged together with a certificate available at the end for those who complete it.

We LOVE feedback!  If you have any feedback on this e-learning course, please write to with any comments or suggestions.