VolleySLIDE is the world education programme aimed at helping those looking to get started with Sitting Volleyball and get the ball flying.

Mission: To support the growth of sitting volleyball, by providing resources for developing programmes that focus on the inclusive and accessible nature of the sport.

Whilst it is focused on Coaching, it does touch upon all areas of the sport that are involved with getting some activity going and provides further links for where you can go to find more.

VolleySLIDE consists of various elements, each designed to help initiate that early activity and get people sat on the floor playing Sitting Volleyball of some kind.

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All resources and materials are available for download in the Central Resource Base.

Know someone who is doing amazing things in growing the game in your area?  Nominate them to become a Mover & Shaker!

VolleySLIDE was launched by Matt Rogers following his involvement in the Great Britain Teams prior to the London 2012 Paralympic Games.  It was updated and refreshed in 2022.

The notion of ‘SLIDE’:

Simple – easy to play, you just need a ball and something to act as a net

Liberating – playing provides a sense of freedom to all

Inclusive – at club level, anyone can play

Different – sat on the floor, sliding around on your buttocks

Enjoyable – a fast, dynamic team sport

We are always looking to improve and expand these resources, so if you have question or if you wish to translate something into another language please contact: volleyslide@worldparavolley.org