Thai women’s team sets Paralympic dreams in motion for Dali showdown

In a bid to secure a spot at the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris, the Thailand women’s sitting volleyball has started preparing for the 2024 World ParaVolley Final Paralympics Qualifier in Dali, China.

“We are currently in a preparation camp with our women’s team for the Final Paralympic Qualification Tournament that will be held in Dali. This is the first time for our women’s team to participate in the event at this level. We believe it is a great opportunity for us to play and gain more experience,” Iranian coach Amin Moameri expressed optimism about the team’s prospects stated.

“We have invited 14 players to the camp, and we are working on preparing them physically and mentally. We are also reviewing our tactics to ensure we are fully ready for the event.”

The team is dedicated and determined, underscoring their commitment to excel on the global stage, as they strive to showcase their skills and compete against top-tier opponents.