Louise Ashcroft (CAN)

Louise has spent most of her career as a Clinical Physiotherapist and Business Owner after completing her BScPT and achieving a Sport Physiotherapy Diploma.

She has been involved over the course of her career with Volleyball, as a University player, junior high coach, and as a sport physiotherapist working with the Canadian Women’s National Volleyball Team between 1983-1990.

She has been a familiar face on several International Core Medical Teams for Canada, attending the Pan American Games in 2007, 2011, FISU Games in 2009 and 2011, and Commonwealth Games in 2014.  She currently serves as the President of the Saskatchewan Sports Medicine & Science Council and as a Board Member of the Saskatchewan Games Council.

She was involved with the Organizing Medical Committee for the 2005 Canada Games as the Head of Medical Personnel, and became involved in Classification in 2005 when the World Standing Volleyball Cup was held in Canada.  Since becoming an International Classifier in 2006, she has been very involved in Athlete Classification for ParaVolley.