World ParaVolley has operated a calendar of events that include:

• WPV World Championships
• WPV World Cup
• WPV Paralympic Games Final Qualification Event
• World Super 6 (WS6)
• PVE Zone Championships
• PVPA Zone Championships
• PVA Zone Championships
• PVAO Zone Championships

In addition, there are a number of other events that are included in this discussion document, as they also require WPV resources for their delivery, and therefore add to the competition for Jury, Classifiers, and Referees including the Asian Para Games, Para PanAm Games, African Para Games, and ASEAN Para Games.


PG minus 3 years PVE Zonal, PVAO Zonal, PVPA Zonal, PVA Zonal, WPV World Cup WS6M, WS6W, 5 major events
ASEAN Para Games
PG minus 2 years* WPV World Championships 1 major
Asian Para Games
PG minus 1 year* PVE Zonal, PVAO Zonal, PVPA Zonal, PVA Zonal, WPV World Cup WS6M, WS6W 5 major events
Para PanAm Games, African Para Games, ASEAN Para Games
PG year* WPV Final Qualifier, Paralympic Games 2 major events

NOTE: * denotes qualification period events (1 January PG minus 2 years to 30 April PG year)

This competition schedule creates significant issues and challenges for the identification of hosts, planning by the competing nations, athletes and providing resources including WPV ITOs (especially classifiers), particularly in the PG-minus 1 year associated with the number of events.


In September 2023, a White Paper was released for input from the Sitting Volleyball community regarding the future international competition calendar. The paper presented a number of options for consideration with the objective of balancing the number of events held each year in recognition of the impact on our athletes, ITOs and hosts, so that events could take place, in a more balanced calendar, and in recognition of the requirements to deliver, manage and support events by a range of individuals and organisations.

Feedback was received from WPV Commissions, athletes, coaches, and member nations.

As a result of this process, two proposals were presented at the WPV Strategic Planning session in late 2023 and the decision taken to implement a new calendar for 2025 to 2028, as described below.

2025 to 2028

PG minus 3 years WPV World Cup (1Q)* – Open 5 major events
PVE Zonal, PVAO Zonal, PVPA Zonal, PVA Zonal
ASEAN Para Games
World Club Championships / WS6
PG minus 2 years WPV World Championships (1Q)* – Top 16 Teams 1 major event
Asian Para Games
World Club Championships / WS6
PG minus 1 year PVE Zonal* (1Q), PVAO Zonal (1Q)*, PVPA Zonal (1Q)*, PVA Zonal (1Q)* 4 major events
Para PanAm Games, African Para Games, ASEAN Para Games World Club Championships / WS6
PG year WPV Final Qualifier (1Q)* – 8 Teams (March – June), Paralympic Games 2 events
World Club Championships / WS6

In this new calendar:

  • * events are PG qualification – qualification period runs from 1 January 2025 to 30 June 2028
  • The World Championships and World Cup are both part of the qualification process but are independent events and separated from the Zonal Championships to eliminate current concerns.
  • World Cup and World Championships are run in the subsequent years to add another elite level qualification event in the PG minus 3 year as a qualification event.
  • Zonal Championships continue to take place every 2 years.
  • The Final Qualifier – limited to the next eight non-qualified teams is retained as a key event for the PG year.
  • Adds the potential for WS6 and / or World Club Championships events to be scheduled each year as events to increase the number of elite level world events.
  • The PG minus 1 year, is expected to become busier as the Asian Para Games will also move to this timing, still maintains significant following the next quadrennial.
  • The PG minus 1 year, is still a busy year for ITOs, so we will need to prioritise ITO participation in Zonal Championships over other events.
  • Allows for zones to prepare for their respective Zonals accordingly, only needing to focus on one major tournament in the PG minus 1 year.
  • Supports the athlete’s request that a competition window for events will be implemented to restrict competition dates to between March and October in any year.