Silvia Biasi: Inspiring Italy’s ascent in sitting volleyball

The 2023 WPV Women’s Super 6 kicked off in Nancy, France, with Italy winning the opening match against hosts France. At the heart of Italy’s defence is their libero Silvia Biasi, who contributed to the straight-set win.

Silvia Biasi expressed her delight at Italy’s victory over their European rivals. “It’s always important to begin a tournament with a victory,” she said, her face glowing with pride.

“Today was our first match, and we are happy with the result. Now we are going to prepare for the other matches, and we are so excited to play against teams such as the USA, Brazil, and China.”

Starting the tournament with a win is crucial for building momentum, and the Italian libero’s enthusiasm was obvious. She acknowledged the importance of the opening victory, not just for morale but also as a foundation for the challenging matches ahead.

Playing in France, particularly in a city like Nancy, holds special significance for Biasi and her team. “It’s good preparation for us,” she noted, emphasising the strategic importance of facing strong teams before the Paralympic Games.

“It’s been a long time since we played against China, for example. It’s great to have this method to prepare for the Paralympic Games.”

This preparation is essential for Italy, especially considering their aspirations for the upcoming Paralympic Games. Biasi’s leadership and experience are vital as the team traverses through high-level matches, aiming to refine their strategies and strengthen their cohesion.

When asked about the strength of the current Italian team compared to previous years, Biasi remained cautiously optimistic. “I don’t want to answer the last question,” she said with a smile, reflecting on her humility and focus. However, she expressed hope for the future, aiming to surpass their performance in the last Paralympic Games.

“We hope to play better than the last Paralympic Games because we played with such anxiety. Now, we go and play with a lot of hope to play our best.”

Hailing from Treviso, Biasi’s rise in the sport has garnered significant attention and admiration. “We don’t have a sitting volleyball team, but after winning the European Championship, our team has become very popular,” Biasi said, highlighting the increasing recognition of their achievements.

As a recognisable face of the Italian team, Biasi plays a crucial role in inspiring her teammates and fans alike. “Try and never give up. Believe in yourselves.” This mantra is not only a guiding principle for her teammates but also a powerful message for aspiring athletes, especially those with disabilities.

When asked why she loves the sport, Biasi’s response was heartfelt and sincere. “Because it is fun, and because I found a lot of friends. It makes me travel all around the world and get recognised.”

Her love for volleyball is infectious, encouraging others to pursue their passions despite challenges. “Do what you love,” she advised. “If you love to play volleyball or basketball, the only thing to do is try and go on.”