Rio 2016 Paralympics – Match Report – Day 5

MATCH REPORT – Day 5 – Tuesday, September 13th

Netherlands vs Brazil (Women) – POOL A

BRA are currently top of pool A and wanted to keep it that way in this match against NED.

BRA attacked with purpose and led 8-2 within a few minutes. Nathalie de Silva was on form and the go to person for BRA. Johanna van Der Bilt (NED) monster blocks and NED got a run of points to narrow the gap 13-16 to BRA. BRA were too strong and ran clear to take the set 25-18.

BRA took the first point and a number of errors from NED put BRA firmly in front. It was drama as an injury forced Janaina Petit Cunha (BRA) to be substituted and NED picked up a yellow card as the team became more frustrated. BRA led 16-4 and NED had little answer as captain Christine Lima (BRA) super-spiked for a headshot. NED were finally put out of their misery when BRA closed the set 25-15.

NED were in trouble early on in the set again as BRA pushed on confidently from 8-4 to lead 16-11 at the second technical timeout. Lalana Batista (BRA) double spiked, Elvira Stinissen (NED) countered with her own spike and there was good pickups from both teams as they fought for the last few points. NED made a late comeback but, in the end, it was a clean 3-0 sweep, the last set 25-21 to BRA.

The crowd enjoyed another home team win as BRA now rank top of their pool and look confident of challenging for a medal position.

Top spike points were evenly distributed in the Brazilian team with Paula Angeloti, Lima and De Lima Silva taking 7 each. Karin van Der Haar top scored with 11 points for NED and Johanna stunned with 6 blocking points.

Final scores NED – BRA 0-3 (18-25, 15-25, 21-25)

Egypt vs Brazil (Men) – POOL A

The USA looked to secure their first win in this match after a very narrow and well fought loss to Germany yesterday.

The USA got off to a patchy start with a number of errors against an EGY team that was probing for gaps. EGY led 8-4 before the game began heating up. Eric Duda (USA) nailed a great spike for the USA. There was a fantastic dive and save from libero Abdelnaby Abdellatif (EGY) but Duda put it away down the line again. Another USA spike didn’t prevent EGY from leading 16-9 at the next technical timeout. Good defensive pickups from EGY and unforced errors from USA gave EGY a comfortable win 25-14.

The USA looked a little lost in the next set as EGY rocketed to an 8-0 lead. Powerful spiking from Metawa Abouelkhir and Ahmed Soliman of EGY helped them extend the lead to 16-3. A hit off the block gave EGY the final point to take the set 25-9.

EGY kept the pressure on in the 3rd set and led 8-3. USA fought back. One of the best points of the match occurred when big spiking was defended and the USA won off a swipe out. Good serving from EGY helped them extend their lead. Ashraf Abdalla aced and then a spectacular final rally capped the set off for EGY 25-14.

Breakdancing kept the crowd entertained between sets and the fans loved joining in with the dance cams.

Dee Marinko top scored for the USA with 6 points (6 spikes). Elsayed top scored for EGY with 9 points (5 spikes, 1 block and 3 aces). The match took 58 minutes adm 4,500 people came to support the teams.

Final Score EGY – USA 3-0 (25-14, 25-9, 25-14)

Ukraine vs Canada (Women) – POOL A

UKR had one match win in their pool so far and a second was needed if they were to make it through to the semi-finals.

A spike from Margaryta Pryvalykhina (UKR) and faults from CAN gave UKR the advantage 8-3. There was a series of aces as players attacked from the serve, Felicia Voss-Shafiq (CAN), Oleksandra Podliesna (UKR) and Jennifer Oakes (CAN) all racking up points. UKR led 16-11 and then, after a tussle for points, Pryvalykhina (UKR) super spiked at set point for a 25-20 win.

It was much closer in the beginning of the 2nd set. UKR came out narrowly on top, 8-6. Heidi Peters (CAN) spiked and then served an ace to help CAN draw level at 11. UKR pulled ahead 16-14. A great save from Oakes (CAN) and a monster block from Danielle Ellis (CAN) showed CAN fighting spirit, but UKR closed the set out 25-19.

UKR piled on the pressure and CAN seemed to run out of steam. Two aces from Oleksandra Podliesna (UKR) and good spiking helped give UKR an 8 point lead, 16-8. Pryvalykhina (UKR) was on fire and an unfortunate CAN fault at the end of the set gives UKR the win, 25-16 and a place in the semi-finals.

The crowd were thrilled with the match and, even more so with Mascot Tom, who entered into a dance off with one of the break dancers and almost won!

Pryvalykhina top scored for UKR with 22 points (17 spikes, 4 blocks and 4 aces). Danielle Ellis top scored for CAN with 13 points (9 spikes, 2 blocks and 2 aces).

Final Score UKR – CAN 3-0 (25-20, 25-19, 25-16)

Germany vs Brazil (Men) – POOL A

The stadium was packed and the crowd was bringing the roof down even before the match had started. They knew that this was an absolute must win for the home team if they were to progress to the semi-finals.

GER scored the first three points and then Alexander Schiffler (GER) spiked from the back court to cement GER’s early lead. BRA came back and narrowed the gap to 8-5. Every point BRA scored brought a deafening thunder. Clever tips and angled spikes kept the points coming for GER until 16-13. Excellent defensive work from both teams kept the rallies going. At 18-18 it became point for point trades and then BRA broke free for two set points, but GER clawed it back to 24 all and then took the set 26-24.

These teams were so close. Again it was point for point trading of spikes and tips. BRA were first to the technical timeout, 8-7.8-7. A number of BRA hitting faults gave GER the advantage and Christoph Herzog (GER) head shot a BRA player to give GER a 16-13 lead. BRA were straight back in the set after two GER hitting faults. It was 18 all as the BRA coach got a yellow card. Anderson da Silva (BRA) was spiking. GER players became unsettled as the referee changed a decision. It was a yellow card for a player then another yellow. Crowd goes wild as BRA draws level 23 all. Then two more points and it was deafening as BRA win 25-23.

It was 5 all in the 3rd set and Anderson monster spikes. Herzog (GER) came straight back with two spikes to put GER 8-7 up. Anderson was on fire and demanding the ball. GER coach contested a point and got a red card. Next point contested too. Then another red card for GER as a player queried a lift call and GER now trailed 14-16. BRA capitalised on the situation and Gilberto da Silva (BRA) powers a spike right through the GER block. Both teams switch on fresh players. This time it is a yellow card for BRA and you could feel the pressure. BRA finally took the set 25-18.

Monster block from Jorge da Silva (5) and a series of spikes and BRA seemed on fire. Another red card for GER. Anderson (BRA) monster spikes and it looked over for GER at 8-2 down. Monster block, this time from Anunciacao (BRA). It was all big hits and big blocks now from BRA. BRA gathered even more momentum and GER did not have an answer for the BRA onslaught 16-7. More BRA spikes and another red card for GER. Then an ace from da Silva (BRA) and the crowd felt the win coming. Anderson (BRA) injured himself on the post but played on. Match point at 24-12 for BRA and three consecutive time outs were called to stall. This match had every drama. BRA nailed the final point 25-12.

The crowd got the match they wanted as home team BRA are now in the semi- finals. This will probably go down as one of the best spectator matches of the sitting volleyball tournament and possibly one of the most contentious too.

Anderson (BRA) easily top scored for BRA with 23 points, all spikes. Herzog and Schiffler tied for top spikes for GER on 13. The stands were at full capacity with over 7,500 spectators. 7 cards awarded (3 red, 4 yellow).

Final Score GER vs BRA 1-3 (26-24, 23-25, 18-25, 12-25)

Day 6 matches – Wednesday, September 14th

10.00 USA v RWA Women
14.00 IRI v CHN Women
18.30 BIH v CHN Men
20.30 UKR v IRI Men

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