Poland sets sights on beach paravolley’s future

The Poland teams stand out as a favourites at the 2024 WPV Beach ParaVolley Men’s World Championship.

Poland 1 coach Piotr Janiak shared his insights into his team’s journey and the future of the discipline, revealing a story of dedication and ambition.

Some of Poland’s beach paravolley players have had some intense training from last month’s sitting volleyball tournament in China, the 2024 WPV Final Paralympics Qualifier in Dali, which also helped them adapt quickly to the current beach paravolley competition. Coach Janiak highlighted the good transition from sitting volleyball to beach paravolley, emphasising the excellent conditions and support they have found in China.

“Two of our players were here last month for the sitting volleyball tournament,” Janiak explains. “They said it’s a great place to play, with many spectators coming to watch the matches. The support from the Chinese people has been fantastic, and it feels good for everyone involved. We hope to win this tournament and bring back medals to Poland.”

With the goal of reaching the Paralympic Games, Janiak sees a bright future for beach paravolley. He envisions the discipline gaining recognition and achieving its place on the Paralympic stage by 2032 in Brisbane.

“Our main aim is to see beach paravolley included in the Paralympic Games,” Janiak stated. “This world championship in China is a significant first step. The organisation here has been perfect, and I believe more teams will be inspired to join us next year. It’s a big dream for all the players and the sport.”

For beach paravolley to grow, Janiak believes in the need for increased participation from teams around the world. The visibility and success of current competitions will play a crucial role in attracting more players and nations to the discipline.

“The most important thing is to have more teams playing beach paravolley,” Janiak emphasised. “When others see what’s happening here, I hope more teams will want to compete in the next world championships. This growth is essential for us to achieve our Paralympic dream.”

As Poland 1 continues its journey in the current tournament, the support from fans, the dedication of the players, and the vision of coach Janiak paint a promising picture for the future of beach paravolley. The path to Brisbane 2032 is challenging, but with unity and perseverance, Poland aim to lead the way and inspire others to join in this remarkable discipline.

“All the teams, staff, and spectators have felt great experience here,” Janiak said. “We hope to return to Poland with pride and share our experiences. The official opening ceremony, the organisation – everything has been excellent. We’re grateful and excited for what’s to come.”