Paris 2024 unveils Paralympic and Olympic Games medals

Paris 2024 unveiled the medals for the Paralympic and Olympic Games on 8 February. For the first time in the history of the Games, each medal is decorated with a highly symbolic and priceless piece of metal – the original iron from the Eiffel Tower.

By placing a piece of the French symbol at the centre of the medals, Paris 2024 hopes to leave athletes with an unforgettable memory of the Games, of Paris and of France.

A piece of French symbol

The front side of the Paralympic medal is a beautiful graphic representation of a low-angle view under the Eiffel Tower. To enable the three medals – gold, silver and bronze – to be distinguished by touch, lines are engraved on the edge of the medal. Universal braille is also engraved, which is also a homage to its French inventor Louis Braille.

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The other side of the medal includes the original piece of iron from the Eiffel Tower shaped as a hexagon. 

Built for the 1989 Universal Exhibition, the Eiffel Tower is made entirely of a special type of iron known as “puddle” iron. Manufactured in Pompey in Lorraine, the cast iron produced by reducing iron ore is refined by an operation called “puddling.” By removing excess carbon still present in the cast iron, the resulting iron is almost pure and extremely strong.

During the 20th century, the structure of the Eiffel Tower underwent renovation work. Certain metallic elements were removed and have been carefully preserved ever since. The Societe d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel is giving these pieces of history a second life as medals presented to Paralympic and Olympic athletes.

By integrating the most iconic metal in France’s heritage into the centre of sport’s most prestigious medals, Paris 2024 is continuity to Gustave Eiffel’s legacy. 

Medals designed as jewelry 

In keeping with its desire to strengthen the link between sport, culture and heritage, Paris 2024 has called on the expertise of French jeweler Chaumet.

Founded in 1780, the LVMH group company, also a Premium Partner of Paris 2024, is the first jeweler in the history of the Games to create the design of the Paralympic and Olympic medals. 

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