Paris 2024 Paralympic Games Qualification Process Clarification – 31 October 2023

Following input from a number of stakeholders, the World ParaVolley Sport Department has prepared the below statement regarding the impact of the delay of the ParaVolley Africa Zone Championships and the impact on the Paris 2024 Qualification process. This is important information for a number of nations, including those participating in the World Cup.

As a result of the delay to the 2023 ParaVolley Africa Zonal Championships, we are issuing this clarification to the qualification process for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

Principle 1: The qualification process for the eight (8) teams that participate in the Paralympic Games allocates one (1) position to the Host, one (1) position to the winner of the 2022 World Championships, four (4) positions to the winner or highest non-qualified team from each of the 2023 Zonal Championships, one (1) position to the winner or highest ranked non-qualified team from the 2023 World Cup, and one (1) position to the winner of the 2024 Final Qualifier event.

Principle 2: The qualification process should follow the above sequence of events.

Principle 3: The teams participating in the Final Qualifier, will be the highest ranked not yet qualified teams, irrespective of Zone.

World ParaVolley acknowledges that the movement of the 2023 PVA Zonal Championship to follow the 2023 World Cup has disturbed the integrity of the qualification process as described above.

As a result, World ParaVolley has determined that:

  1. The nomination of the teams (Men and Women) that qualify to the Paralympic Games from the World Cup will be delayed until the completion of the PVA Zonal Championships.
  2. Following the completion of the PVA Zonal Championships in February 2024, the position allocated to the PVA Zone will be determined.
  3. Following the allocation of the PVA position, the team that qualifies from the World Cup will be formally determined.

The Final Qualification event will be held in China in April 2024. The principles for the teams participating in the Final Qualification event are:

  1. The event will be an eight (8) team invitational event.
  2. The invited teams will be the highest ranked non-qualified teams based on World Rankings following the conclusion of the World Cup.

For any further clarification, please contact the Sport Department –

Dr Stephen Giugni OAM
WPV Sport Director