Klara Vrabic braves challenges with grit and grace

In 2019, Klara Vrabic found solace in sitting volleyball after cancer altered her path from able-bodied volleyball. Now 22, she balances sports and studies at the University of Ljubljana, fuelled by a passion for teaching.

“I’ve been playing sitting volleyball since 2019. But before my illness, I also played volleyball,” Klara revealed.

Cancer may have taken its toll on her knee, but could not dampen her spirit.

“Since I was a child, I have always wanted to teach because I love kids. So I plan to be an elementary teacher someday. I hope to finish the programme in three years,” the Slovenian sitting volleyball star said.

Despite the demands of training and academics, she navigates both with grace and grit.

“The training and education I have in my programme at the university give me the attitude and mentality to never give up. I always want something to become better each day,” she reflected.

The support she gets from her university further eases her journey, allowing her to pursue her passions without compromise.

“I would also like to see myself teach sitting volleyball in the future because it is such a beautiful sport that I really enjoy playing,” Vrabic mused.

Her enthusiasm for the sport she loves shines through her words, as she dreams of passing on her knowledge to future generations.

Currently, her focus is on the international stage, as she and her teammates are aiming to clinch the final Paris Paralympics spot.

“This experience in the Final Paralympics Qualifier is really great. We are here to win this tournament. We have all our focus on that,” she asserted.

With her eyes set on Paris, Vrabic shows a lot of courage and ambition, inspiring all who have the privilege of witnessing her remarkable journey in this sport.