Iran women’s sitting volleyball team calls for support to shine in global stage

Following their narrow miss in securing a spot at the 2024 Paralympic Games, Iran’s women’s sitting volleyball team, under the guidance of coach Leyla Beryanian, is calling for increased support to guide them to success on the Asian and world stages.

In a recent statement to Tehran Times, Leyla Beryanian highlighted the team’s need for backing to ensure their competitive edge in upcoming tournaments. Despite their commendable performance, narrowly losing to Slovenia in the five-set finale of the 2024 WPV Sitting Volleyball Final Paralympics Qualifier for Women, Beryanian emphasised the importance of sustained support for the team’s future endeavours.

“After the 2022 Asian Para Games, our team had no plan to take part in the 2024 WPV Sitting Volleyball Final Paralympics Qualifiers for Women but eventually we partook in the event without playing warm-up matches,” Beryanian said.

Acknowledging the rapid progress of other teams in the region, Beryanian stressed the necessity for the Iranian team to evolve and improve continuously.

“The team needs support, and our players are capable of participating in the Paralympic Games, but as I’ve already said, the team should be supported,” the coach remarked.

Looking ahead, Beryanian outlined the importance of strategic planning for the team’s future success.

“We have to plan for the next four years from today. The current generation will change by a 30% change in the next four years, and from today we have to think about replacing players, all of which require financial support and careful planning,” she concluded.

Source: Tehran Times