LYSE Kåre (NOR) – PVE – International Player 1971-1997. Inspirational leader and role model for youth.




Kare starting playing sitting volleyball in 1971, and being an important player for his club team, the national team events in which he was involved in:

1978 Nordic Championship
1980 Arnhem, The Netherlands – Paralympic Games
1981 Bonn, Germany – European Championships
1982 Nordic Championships
1983 Delden, The Netherlands – European Championships
1985 Kristiansand, Norway – European and World Championships
1986 Pecs, Hungary – World Championships
1987 Sarajevo, Yugoslavia – European Championships
1988 Seoul, South-Korea – Paralympic Games
1989 Las Vegas, USA – World Championships
1990 Assen, The Netherlands – World Championships
1991 Nottingham, Great Britain – European Championships
1992 Barcelona, Spain – Paralympic Games
1993 Järvenpää, Finland – European Championships
1994 Bottrop, Germany – World Championships
1995 Ljubljana, Slovenia – European Championships
1996 Atlanta, USA – Paralympic Games
1997 Tallinn, Estonia – European Championships

Kåre Lyse was an active athlete for almost 30 years and played on the national team for almost 20 years. He was an inspiration to young players, encouraging them to increase their training and to develop their skills. Before 1997 he was also involved with event management.

Awards received:

World ParaVolley Recognition Award