KERESTECIYAN Saro (CAN) – PVPA – International Classifier, Chief Classifier, International Staff Educator and Mentor. Manager of the Classification Master List and ParaVolley Sport Administration System database. Member of Classification Review Panel. Head of Pan-Am Zone Medical and Classification Commissions. Developer of Beach (standing) classification system and works in the field of classifier recruitment.



Saro started his involvement in WOVD as the Athletic therapist for the Canadian Standing Volleyball Team in 1998.

“I had an interest in Volleyball and Disabled Sport, and when the Team came to Montreal for a training camp, I met with the Team Manager (Lawrence Flynn) and through discussions, got involved with Standing Volleyball. I accompanied the team to their tournament in Olsztyn, Poland where I had my first introduction to classification and started my journey as a classifier at that time. I was with the Team until the Sydney Paralympics where Canada won the silver medal.

“Unfortunately standing was removed from the Games after Sydney. Since that time, I have continued my journey and helped in development of the classification processes for sitting volleyball, put together (along with a group of senior classifiers) the classification for Beach ParaVolley and continue to work as the data manager today.

“Lawrence Flynn was my first “mentor” to the sport. Through the years he showed and taught me what Standing and Sitting Volleyball was all about and I learned to love the sport disciplines more and more over the years.

Event involvement:


July 1998 – Olsztyn, Poland – World Championships (Team Therapist and Classifier Candidate)
June 1999 – Laval, Quebec – Paralympic Qualifier (Team Therapist and Classifier Candidate – Obtained International Classification at that time)
June 2000 – Paralympic Preparation Tournament – Wisla, Poland (Team Therapist)August 2000 – Sydney Paralympic Games – Team Canada Therapist


1999 Southern Cross Games – Australia
3 Paralympic Games: 2004, 2008, 2012
2015 Toronto Parapan Am Games
2017 Porec, Croatia – PVE Championships
2020 Halifax, Canada – Final Tokyo Qualifier for Women & mentor for Chief C.


2003 Rhodes, Greece, World Championships of Standing Volleyball (Asst Chief)
2003 Argentina
2016 Anji China – Intercontinental Cup
2019 Peru, Pan Am Games
Tokyo 2020 Paralympics


1999 – Sydney
2003 – Cuba
2006 – Kuala Lumpur
2008 – Shanghai
2018 – Costa Rica


2021 – Halifax, Canada (Tokyo 2020 Women’s Last Chance Qualifier)

Data Manager and PVSAS Administrator for World ParaVolley – 2008 until present

Assisted the recruitment for a World ParaVolley Anti-Doping Manager

  • Worked in the fields of Classification and Medical (1998 – present), Event Organisation (2003 – Present) and Administration/Governance (2008 – present)

Awards received:

World ParaVolley Recognition Award

“Saro ‘s contributions to World ParaVolley are many, including his ongoing management of the Classification Master List and ParaVolley Sport Administration System database, his commitment to developing a Beach ParaVolley (standing) classification system and rules with the Beach Commission, his leadership within the Classification Commission by taking on Chief Classifier roles, educator and mentoring roles, as well as a role as Head of Classification for the Pan American Zone.

“Saro accepted and was appointed as the Medical Commissioner for the Pan America Zone in February 2018. He immediately stepped up and provided immeasurable service in providing classification information to at the time non-members in the zone.”

– President of ParaVolley PanAmerica Joe Campbell on Saro’s contribution within the PanAmerica Zone

During his time as PVPA Medical Commissioner he has been instrumental in helping eight new member nations with classification information to include the recruitment of 23 classifiers who have entered Level 1 classification training.

“As part of the classification team, Saro’s organizational skills are outstanding, and his attention to detail and willingness to help others has always made the job easier for the people working with him. Saro always says ‘Yes, I can do that’ and this passion for helping other volunteers complete the task at hand makes him a welcome addition to any ITO competition team.

“His good sense of humor and hard work ethic also make it a pleasure to work with him at any task. Saro has allowed World ParaVolley to grow with the data privacy requirements, achieve and model excellence to other classifiers in his duties as a Chief Classifier, and encourage other classifiers to move along the certification pathway.”

– Louise Ashcroft – World ParaVolley Medical Director