ANDERSSON Mats (SWE) – PVE – International Referee, Referee Delegate and Observer, Technical Official and in the field of Governance



Mats started with WOVD in 1983 when the organiser of the annual Malmö Open introduced sitting volleyball and needed referees. Among the greatest influences on his development were Jorunn Hynes, chair of the volleyball committee in the Swedish Federation for disabled, who believed in him and made it possible for him to go to the International Referees course in 1993; and Jan Otto Solvang, who believed in him from the very beginning and has been supportive through the years.

Event involvement:

Refereeing from 1983 to 2004
Technical Official (TD, Jury) from 1998 to 2013
Administration (Governance) from 1997 to 2004



1996 Atlanta, USA (semi-final + final)
2000 Sydney, Australia (semi-final)
2004 Athens, Greece (final)

World Championships

1994 Bottrop, Germany (interrupted due to injury)
1998 Teheran, Iran (semi-final)
2002 Cairo, Egypt (final)

European Championships

1993 Järvenpää, Finland (international referee course)
1997 Tallin, Estonia (no records of games)
2003 Lappeenranta, Finland (final)

Euro cups

1993 Roosendaal, The Netherlands (final)
1994 Lappeenranta, Finland (no records of games)
1995 Roermond, The Netherlands (no records of games)
2000 Leverkusen, Germany (bronze game)

Nordic Open

1996 Norrköping, Sweden (semi-final + final)

Active international referee from 1983-2004, and additionally for several club tournaments –

Malmö, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Kristiansand, Berlin



1998 EuroCup Osijek, Croatia
1999 European Championships Sarajevo, Bosnia
2001 EuroCup de Lutte, the Netherlands
2001 European Championships, Sarospatak, Hungary
2002 EuroCup Riga, Latvia
2003 Asia Oceania Championship, Narita, Japan
2003 EuroCup, Debrecen, Hungary
2004 EuroCup Leipzig, Germany


2009 European Championships, Elblag, Poland
2010 EuroCup Nyiregyhaza, Hungary
2011 European Championships, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2013 European Championships, Elblag, Poland


2011 Continental Cup, Yevpatoria, Ukraine

Official posts held:

1997—1999, Member of ECVD Referee Committee
2000—2004, Chair of ECVD Referee Committee
2000—2004, Member of WPV Referee Committee
2000—2004, Member of ECVD Board (as Chair of ECVD Referee Committee)