World ParaVolley Foundation Launches ‘Because I Can’ Campaign

Press release

World ParaVolley is pleased to announce the formation of the World ParaVolley Foundation. The purpose of the Foundation is improving the lives of Para Athletes by planning and delivering fundraising activities with an initial focus on the USA.  In what must be record time for an organization such as World ParaVolley, the Foundation has achieved Charitable status in the USA as a 501(c)3.

The World ParaVolley Foundation is a Global organization developing sport activities for people with a physical impairment as a tool for changing lives, contribute to equity for the disabled, developing an inclusive society and inspiring the physically impaired to be role models in their community and becoming leaders of tomorrow. The World ParaVolley Foundation was formed to assist World ParaVolley to grow the ParaVolley movement and achieve the goal of creating an inclusive and diverse society through having Para Athletes seen in their communities as role models. The objectives of the Foundation are:

  • To develop ParaVolley and positively impact the lives of persons with physical impairments.
  • To develop relationships with key internal and external constituents to provide the platform necessary to carry out the goals of inclusion, diversity and achieving sports excellence for Para Athletes.
  • To support the International Paralympic Committee’s vision to use Para Sports to inspire and excite the world.

Because I Can

The World ParaVolley Foundation today launched its first fund raising campaign – Because I Can – with the goal of securing the funds necessary to grow ParaVolley and improve the lives of its Para Athletes.

To achieve a more inclusive and diverse society the Foundation will focus on development programs in five key areas: Women in Sport, Anti-Doping, Emerging Countries, Standing Beach ParaVolley and furthering our professional governance structures and supporting our great volunteer experts.

Every one of our 15,000 athletes has an amazing story about their lives and overcoming enormous barriers to achieve their goals.

For more information about our athletes, the Foundation and its work or to contribute to the campaign please visit and click on the Foundation tab.