China beat France with unstoppable dominance in Nancy

China delivered a masterclass performance, overwhelming hosts France with a decisive 3-0 (25-7, 25-9, 25-3) in the 2024 WPV Women’s Super 6 at Parc des Sports de Vandoeuvre on Saturday.

The match began with China asserting their dominance right from the start, embarking on an unrelenting scoring spree. Their impeccable play resulted in an astonishing 9-0 lead before France managed to secure their first point, which came courtesy of a rare service error from the Chinese side. However, this slight hiccup did little to slow China’s momentum.

Su Limei reignited their scoring with a powerful strike from the left side, propelling China further ahead. Despite a few points picked up by France, China’s scoring seemed almost unstoppable, quickly extending their lead to a commanding 20-4. With a blend of aggressive serving and formidable net defence, China comfortably wrapped up the first set 25-7.

France showed a spark of resilience at the onset of the second set, managing to keep the early scoreline relatively close. Yet China’s seasoned play and tactical strength soon began to shine through, distancing them from the efforts of their European opponents. The scoreboard read 18-8 in favour of China, with France gaining another point via a service error. This minor concession did little to hinder China’s surge as they continued to dominate play. The set culminated with a spectacular cross-court attack from Hu Huizi, sealing the set 25-9 and putting China firmly in control.

The third set saw China tightening their grip on the game even further. France managed to eke out three points within the first 11 plays, but that was as far as their scoring went. China’s defence was impenetrable, and their offense relentless. Not allowing France another point, they demonstrated their superiority by continuously pressuring their opponents and preventing any form of a comeback. The match concluded emphatically with Li Tin delivering a service ace, finalizing the set 25-3 and securing China’s emphatic victory.