Call for interest to host new Development Centres

WPV Beach ParaVolley Development Centre in Florida, USA

Do you wish to become a node for ParaVolley development in your country or region? Do you wish to raise the profile of your sport?

World ParaVolley and our Zones are providing an opportunity for member nations/organisations to host World ParaVolley or Zonal Development Centres.

Development Centres are exceptional and strategically located facilities that promote and expand the development of ParaVolley sports at national, regional, zonal or World ParaVolley levels. They provide a range of facilities and support that allow for training, education, competitions and other development and promotional activities.

 WPV Beach ParaVolley Development Centre in Florida, USA (Sports Travel Magazine)

We believe these centres have the potential to be of extraordinary benefit to the host nation as well as our ParaVolley community. Some of the benefits include:

  • Host nations/organisations will be able to use the World ParaVolley logo to brand and name their centres, raising the status and profile of the centre and the sport in their country. This opens greater opportunities for raising local and national funding as well as development of the sport.
  • World Paravolley will offer preferential support, including subsidies, for hosting international courses and anti-doping training.
  • World ParaVolley Development Centres are pre-screened and approved for holding major competitions. e.g., Women’s World Super 6. The centres will be given priority, where possible, when hosting such events.

WPV President Barry Couzner OAM, PVAO President Lu Cailiang, Development Centre Director Tu Wei Ping in front of the World ParaVolley Hangzhou Development Centre.

“We are looking to expand and open a network of key Development Centres around the world for our member nations,”


Development Director, Anton Raimondo.

Member nations will benefit from these centres being available for regional, zonal and/or World Paravolley events. We expect the centres to become hubs for development within their respective areas.

If you or your nation are members of World ParaVolley and are interested in becoming a World ParaVolley or Zonal Development Centre, please write to for further information and the application documents.