By the Numbers: WPV Final Paralympics Qualifier

The 2024 WPV Sitting Volleyball Final Qualifiers for Men and Women, presented by Delin Company, at the Dali International Olympic Sports Centre commenced with a spectacular opening ceremony that welcomed an enthusiastic crowd of 5,000, setting the tone for an exhilarating tournament.

5000 – Spectators during the Opening Ceremony

166 – Remarkable number of athletes that will participate in the competition

51 – Total matches, including 29 men’s matches and 22 women’s matches

34 – International Technical Officials serving during the competition

14 – Teams, including 8 men’s and 6 women’s teams vying for a chance to play at the Paris Paralympics

10 – Japan’s world ranking in both men’s and women’s divisions

8 – Days of fierce competition

6 – World ranking of Ukrainian men’s team and Slovenian women’s team

4 – Matches per day for the men’s preliminary round

3 – Matches per day for the women’s preliminary round

2 – Paris 2024 tickets up for grabs – one for each gender – in this qualification tournament

1 – Historic moment as Thailand makes its debut appearance at the Paralympics Qualifier, marking a significant milestone for the team