Brazil blaze past France with dominant straight-set triumph

Brazil finally secured their first win in the 2024 WPV Women’s Super 6 with a commanding 3-0 (25-7, 25-3, 25-6) victory over hosts France at the Parc des Sports de Vandoeuvre in Nancy on Thursday. After tough four-set losses to China and the United States, Brazil came into this match focused and determined, ultimately securing an easy win against the French team.

The match began with a brief exchange of points, bringing the score to a close 3-2 in favour of Brazil. However, Brazil quickly reorganised their offence and launched an impressive seven-point streak to establish a 10-2 lead. France managed to momentarily halt Brazil’s momentum, but the Brazilians, led by an attacking surge from Pamela Pereira, extended their advantage to 16-4. Brazil’s dominance was clear as they controlled both offence and defence, limiting France to just seven markers in the first set, which Brazil won comfortably at 25-7.

In the second set, Brazil’s excellent serve and attack placements overwhelmed the hosts, leaving them unable to counterattack. The Brazilian team showcased their superiority, restricting France to only three points while their own lead swelled to 22-3. Adria Jesus Da Silva delivered a powerful swing to seal the second set for Brazil with a decisive 25-3 scoreline.

Brazil continued their aggressive play into the third set, quickly gaining a 7-1 lead off potent serves. Although France put up a commendable effort to earn some points, Brazil’s relentless attacks kept the pressure high, extending their lead to 17-6. Brazil maintained their unyielding pace and closed out the match with a 25-6 victory, showcasing their dominance from start to finish.