Amin Moameri shares inspirational path and vision for Thailand’s success

Amin Moameri’s journey into sitting volleyball is a testament to resilience, dedication and deep-rooted passion for the sport. As a former member of the volleyball national team and a certified FIVB Level 2 Volleyball Coach, Moameri’s transition from player to coach was guided by familial influence and pursuit of excellence.

Coming from a family of sports enthusiasts, Moameri’s love for volleyball blossomed at the age of seven. However, a knee injury threatened his career at age 25, compelling him to pivot into coaching. It was during this transition that Moameri’s path intersected with sitting volleyball, a sport he credits his father Alireza for introducing him to.

“I had to stop playing professionally at 25 due to a knee injury, so I started young as a coach. I became familiar with sitting volleyball because of my father. I started as an assistant coach in my province’s club, at the same time, I was helping my province Alborz’s disabled association,” Moameri stated.

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His tenure there allowed him to nurture talents and foster a culture of inclusivity, and as a culmination of his efforts, he was entrusted with the responsibility of coaching the Thailand sitting volleyball teams with his father.

“In 2019, I came to Thailand as the men’s assistant coach and in 2021, I was promoted as head coach of the men’s and women’s teams,” the 40-year-old tactician said.

Amin Moameri assists his father Alireza in coaching the Thailand men’s sitting volleyball team at the PVAO Zone Championships in 2019. ©️ World ParaVolley

In Thailand, he embraced the challenge with open arms and the seamless integration into the leadership role was fueled by invaluable lessons instilled by his father.

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned from my father in life is something that I also apply to my career. It is to always strive to be helpful, to motivate and inspire others, to maintain a positive attitude, and to face challenges with strength and determination,” he said.

Handling the dual responsibility of coaching two teams took a blend of camaraderie, teamwork and smart management. His collaborative approach paired with the support of his assistant coach and team manager was significant in handling the pressures of coaching on multiple fronts.

For him, the true essence of coaching is in witnessing the transformative flight of his players. His emphasis on fostering a familial bond and promoting teamwork became the foundation for Thailand’s rise as formidable contenders in the Southeast Asian region.

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The Iranian mentor envisions Thailand’s continuous development on the Asian and global stages by focusing on increased participation in official tournaments, improving rankings and expanding into beach paravolley.

“Sitting volleyball means a lot to me. It’s all about motivation, teamwork, creativity and fun in a special way. Friendship is key to creating teamwork,” he said.

“The game requires creative thinking and keeps the mind active. And apart from being competitive, it’s enjoyable. In a nutshell, sitting volleyball brings together motivation, teamwork, creativity and fun, making life richer beyond the physical aspects.”

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To aspiring coaches embarking on their own journey, he offered a profound piece of advice, “Believe in yourself and your team, and never let self-doubt hold you back. With hard work and perseverance, you can accomplish any goal that you set your mind to. Keep pushing forward and remember that success is within your reach.”

Success indeed was within reach, as he led Thailand to a men’s gold medal and a women’s silver medal at the 2023 ASEAN Para Games in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He then brought his team to the ParaVolley Asia Oceania Zone Championships in Astana, Kazakhstan, and then to the Asian Para Games in Hangzhou, China to experience competitive play against the continent’s best.

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This April, the Thai women’s team will be in China for a chance to qualify for the Paralympic Games in Paris.

“This is the first time for our women’s team to participate in the event at this level. We believe it is a great opportunity for us to play and gain more experience,” he ended.

Amin Moameri’s story epitomises the transformative power of sport, which is marked by resilience, inspiration and commitment to excellence. As he continues to chart new heights with Thailand, his legacy serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come.