Amin Moameri aims high for Thailand at Final Paralympics Qualifier

At the helm of Thailand women’s sitting volleyball team is Amin Moameri, serving as their guide in their journey filled with challenges and opportunities and steering them towards greatness.

With a two-fold mission driving their participation, coach Moameri laid bare the aspiration that fuelled their fire.

“The first aim for Thailand’s participation in this event is to get the experience to compete against world-level teams. And for the second aim, since this event is the Paralympics qualifier, so we want to give our maximum effort. We will see what will happen,” explained Moameri.

For him, this journey was not just about the pursuit of triumphs but also about laying the groundwork for a successful future and a sustainable legacy for the sport in Thailand.

“When we started the women’s team, it was simply just to have a team entry. It was enough. But now, step by step, we should find talents, teach them, and prepare them for the future,” Moameri reflected.

His satisfaction with the team’s progress is evident yet tempered with a relentless pursuit of improvement.

“So far, I am satisfied with the way we have been running the programme,” he says thoughtfully. “Whichever targets we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year, we have been able to achieve in the last three years. It has been really good because I always try to create realistic and achievable targets for the teams. For sure we can be better, and we must change many details in our team.”

But amidst the strategic planning and tactical adjustments, Moameri’s love for the game shines through. For him, coaching is not merely a profession, but a passion deeply intertwined with the players he mentors.

“I always enjoy my job,” he admits with a smile. “Well in sitting volleyball, when I am in the court, I never think that I am doing a job. It is the last topic that I think about. I always focus on my players, and I always try to give an opportunity to them. Whatever I have been unable to achieve as a player because of my injury, I encourage them to achieve.”

As Thailand’s women’s sitting volleyball team takes to the court in Dali, they carry not just their own aspirations, but the hopes and dreams of a coach who believes in their potential to soar. And with Moameri leading the charge, the future looks bright for Thai sitting volleyball on the world stage.