Agbodjan Prince: A Parisian captain leading France at the Paralympics

The 2024 WPV Women’s Super 6 in Nancy, France is underway and heading the French team is captain Jenna Eleonore Tele Agbodjan Prince, a Parisian, whose leadership role is crucial.

As a native of Paris, Jenna is excited for the upcoming Paralympic Games to be held in her hometown. “It’s great because my family and friends will be there. And playing in front of a home crowd will be a unique experience,” she said. Jenna’s pride in representing her city and country is apparent as she prepares to lead her team on home soil.

Reflecting on their match against the powerful USA team, Jenna said, “It was a good match for us. We fought hard, especially when we led 4-2 in the third set. We were very happy with our performance.”

Jenna’s journey to this point is inspiring. Once a volleyball player, a car accident changed her path. “I was on my way to training when it happened,” she explained. “But I found my way back through sitting volleyball. It’s been ten years now, and I’m proud of my journey.”

Playing against strong teams like the USA helps the French team grow. “Playing top teams gives us confidence,” Jenna said. “We know we’re not at their level yet, but we’re competing, and we’ll be at the Paralympics. Each match teaches us something new.”

Jenna’s passion for sitting volleyball is clear. She invites the French public to support the team. “Please come and support us. We need motivation and encouragement. The crowd’s energy makes all the difference.”

With Jenna leading, France is ready for the Paralympics. With the support of their home fans, the team is set to inspire in Paris.