2018 World Championships Final Qualifier announced

In cooperation with the Korean Volleyball Association for the Disabled (KOVAD) and the Jeju Volleyball Association for Disabled (JVAD), World ParaVolley is pleased to announce the staging of the 2018 World Championships Final Qualification Tournament (M & W) in March of 2018.

The Qualification event will take place in Jeju City, South Korea, from March 27th through April 1st, 2018.

The Local Organising Committee is very excited at having the opportunity to host.  “This is just beginning. We will prepare our first international event as much as possible to be done successfully!” said the President of KOVAD, Mr Lee, Jae Hwal.

Mrs. Ko, Eun Sil, President of JVAD, echoed Mr. Lee’s thoughts, saying “This will be a big challenge, but we will not stop. We will run to March for our WPV friends from all over the world. Welcome to Jeju! ”

The competition is open only to teams that have not already qualified for the 2018 World Championships, and will feature Korea and five top-ranked nations.

Competition Hall – Sarabong Multi-Gym

Having recently returned from a site inspection visit with Mr. Glenn Stewart, ParaVolley Asia-Oceania Sport Director, Mr. Barry Couzner, President of World ParaVolley said: “This has been one of the best inspection visits ever and World ParaVolley wishes to thank KOVAD and the Jeju Volleyball Association for the Disabled for their hospitality and cooperation.  We will have a great World Championships Qualification event next March, without doubt.”

The invitation process is underway, with teams expressing interest to be offered a competition slot.  The final list of accepted nations will be based on world rankings and having submitted an expression of interest to participate by the December 31st deadline.